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    Saturday, August 12th, 2017
    8:47 pm
    Daily 10 Shuffle 8/12
    1 Relax -Frankie Goes to Hollywood

    2 Little Talks -Of Monsters and Men

    3 You Make My Song Rhyme -Ryan Molloy

    4 Sometimes -Britney Spears

    5 Everybody Have Fun Tonight -Wang Chung

    6 Hearts Are For Suckers -MWK

    7 Step by Step -NKOTB

    8 Lips of an Angel -Hinder

    9 Forever -To Have Heroes

    10 My Cherie Amour -Frankie Valli

    My Top Favorite: Sometimes by Britney Spears

    Though Step by Step is a close second. Sometimes just means so much to me.

    What are your favorites from the list?
    Friday, August 11th, 2017
    9:09 pm
    Daily 10 Shuffle 8/11
    1 Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You -Frankie Valli

    2 We Can Get Down -Joey McIntyre

    3 Something Good This Way Comes -Jakob Dylan

    4 Wrecking Ball -Miley Cyrus

    5 Can’t Help Falling In Love -Elvis Presley

    6 Right To My Head -Constantine

    7 My Girl -The Temptations

    8 Running With the Night -Lionel Richie

    9 Midnight Train to Georgia -Crystal Bowersox

    10 St. Elmos Fire -John Parr

    My Top Favorite: Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You by Frankie Valli.

    I will admit, it’s a little hard for me to choose a top favorite from the shuffle, seeing as one of my favorite Elvis songs is on it. And also, my friend Constantine came up and I love his music. But the fact remains that I was lucky enough to see the legend himself, Frankie Valli live and he sang this song, which is my favorite solo song of his.

    What are your favorites from the list?
    Tuesday, August 8th, 2017
    7:40 pm
    Daily 10 Shuffle
    1 Beauty and the Beast -Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson

    2 Save It For Me -The Four Seasons

    3 A Day In The Life -The Beatles

    4 Mr. Brightside -The Killers

    5 1999 -Prince

    6 New York, New York -Frank Sinatra

    7 With A Little Help from My Friends -Joe Cocker

    8 Hate That I Love You -Rihanna

    9 Firework -Katy Perry

    10 California Girls -The Beach Boys

    My Top Favorite: New York, New York by Frank Sinatra. It was hard for me to choose from what came up on shuffle today, especially with Prince on the list. But being from NYC, I have to go where my heart is with this classic.

    What are your favorites from the list?
    Sunday, August 6th, 2017
    6:09 pm
    Top 25 of the week
    1 Don’t Give Up On Us -To Have Heroes
    2 Don’t You Forget About Me -Simple Minds

    3 I Will Survive -Gloria Gaynor

    4 Greatest Love Of All -Whitney Houston

    5 Mercy -Duffy

    6 Takin’ Care of Business -Bachman-Turner Overdrive

    7 Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover -Sophie B. Hawkins

    8 Til I Hear It From You -Gin Blossoms (Memory: Seeing them live last year and them singing this song. You can hear me belting out the words while taping them HAHA)

    9 Freedom -George Michael

    10 Maybe I’m Amazed -Paul McCartney

    11 Give A Little Bit -Goo Goo Dolls

    12 Heaven Help the Lonely -Constantine (Memory: Hearing him do this live and someone yelled for him to take off his shirt. He thought it was me who yelled it out and he gave me the cutest look. Of course this was before we were friends. Now he knows I’d never yell this out at him LOL.)

    13 Time Is On Our Side -NKOTB

    14 Magic Carpet Ride -Steppenwolf

    15 Only Girl in the World -Rihanna

    16 I Will Buy You A New Life -Everclear

    17 Jealous Guy -John Lennon (Memory: I always loved this song, but it wasn’t until I was 12 I knew it was John who sang it. If you know me, you know how much I love John and always will. This is my favorite solo song by him.)

    18 Ugh iPhone put another stupid Hanson song as a favorite again. STOP IT ALREADY!!!! I deleted them already!!

    19 Every Rose Has Its Thorn -Poison

    20 Ronnie -The Four Seasons

    21 Shadows of the Night -Pat Benatar

    22 Calling All Angels -Train (Memory: When John Schneider was killed off of Smallville I was so upset that I made a video of Jonathan Kent to this song LOL)

    23 Get On Your Feet -Gloria Estefan (Memory: Girl Scouts in 6th grade we did this song as a talent show. I loved the dance we had for it. Being part of the girl scouts however was a horrible experience.)

    24 You Can’t Do That -The Beatles
    25 Happy Together -The Turtles
    Friday, August 4th, 2017
    8:12 pm
    Daily 10 Shuffle
    1 Nancy Mulligan -Ed Sheeran

    2 Vogue -Madonna

    3 Hello, Goodbye -The Beatles

    4 You Give Love a Bad Name -Bon Jovi

    5 Let It Go -Idina Menzel

    6 Bad Blood -Taylor Swift

    7 Heaven Or Worse -MWK

    8 Redemption Song -Bob Marley

    9 I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man -Jordan Knight

    10 Come to My Window -Crystal Bowersox

    Favorites from this list:

    1) Let It Go -Idina Menzel

    2) Bad Blood -Taylor Swift

    3) You Give Love a Bad Name -Bon Jovi

    4) Hello, Goodbye -The Beatles

    What are your top 4 from this list?
    Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017
    10:49 pm
    Daily 10 Shuffle
    1 Permanent -David Cook

    2 You Really Got a Hold On Me -The Beatles

    3 Since He Fell for You -John Lloyd Young

    4 Wind Beneath My Wings -Bette Midler

    5 I’ve Been Around Enough to Know -John Schneider

    6 I Remember When -NKOTB

    7 Watch Tower - Ryan Molloy

    8 Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? -Bryan Adams

    9 All I Want For Christmas is You -Mariah Carey

    10 Time is on Our Side -NKOTB

    Top 3:

    1) Wind Beneath My Wings is always one song to make me cry with how meaningful it is.

    2) Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman is a song I loved since I was in junior high and first heard this song. Not only that but I remember having such a huge crush on Bryan Adams after seeing the video LOL

    3) Time is On Our Side was my favorite song by the New Kids when I was in second grade. I’m about to cry listening to it right now.
    Monday, July 31st, 2017
    9:09 pm
    Top 25 of the week
    1 I’m Your Baby Tonight -Whitney Houston

    2 Photograph -Ed Sheeran

    3 Man From Milwaukee -Hanson (I’m getting tired of this phone thinking I still like Hanson. I deleted all their music from my phone for a reason. So I’d never have to hear them again!)

    4 I Wanna Be Bad -Willa Ford

    5 What A Feeling - Irene Cara

    6 SOS -Rihanna

    7 No Matter World -George Lamond (Memory: Going to see the New Kids for a second time on Nov. 21, 1990 and he opened for them singing this song.)

    8 Stay With Me Baby -NKOTB (Memory: My first NKOTB concert July 21, 1990 and Donnie swinging above the audience doing this song.)

    9 Survivor -Destiny’s Child

    10 Before He Cheats -Carrie Underwood

    11 Born This Way -Lady Gaga

    12 Stacy’s Mom -Fountains Of Wayne

    13 Like A Virgin -Madonna

    14 Summer Nights -John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John

    15 Larger Than Life -Backstreet Boys

    16 Me Against the Music -Britney Spears and Madonna

    17 White Flag -Dido

    18 Hot n Cold -Katy Perry

    19 Summer of ‘69 -Bryan Adams (Memory: Constantine doing a cover of this at a show I went to and he came over to sing part of it to me. Just one of the many times he embarrassed me that night LOL)

    20 Fighter -Christina Aguilera

    21 You’re Beautiful -James Blunt
    22 Your Love Is My Drug -Ke$ha

    23 Give It To You -Jordan Knight (Memory: My Sweet 16 in 1999, me and a bunch of friends got up to do this dance during the karaoke we decided to have. I was the choreographer cause I knew the whole dance.)

    24 All I Wanna Do -Joey McIntyre

    25 1985 -Bowling For Soup
    Wednesday, July 26th, 2017
    7:47 pm
    If I had three wishes I know mine
    Was very down yesterday with everything going on. Even after spending all day in my favorite part of Manhattan which I was fine and enjoying myself. But then just felt so horrible at night. Then, I decided why not check AOL Build for next week because I hadn't been there since I saw Brenton Thwaites and that was before Pirates came out. Sure enough, they had a comedian I love and would love to see in person. Yes, on Monday I will be seeing Adam Conover from Adam Ruins Everything! I am so excited about this!!

    Current Mood: excited
    Current Music: Crush -David Archuletta
    7:32 pm
    Daily 10 Shuffle
    1 Shine -Collective Soul

    2 The Story of Your Life -To Have Heroes

    3 Bloodstream -Ed Sheeran

    4 I Bet You’re Beautiful -To Have Heroes

    5 Follow You Down -Gin Blossoms

    6 Step by Step -NKOTB

    7 Bad Romance -Lady Gaga

    8 Come To My Window -Crystal Bowersox

    9 How? -John Lennon

    10 Tonight -NKOTB

    Favorites from today’s list:

    1: The Story of Your Life by To Have Heroes

    2: Tonight by NKOTB

    3: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

    What are your favorites from here?
    Tuesday, June 16th, 2015
    7:43 pm
    Is try a little harder, try a little harder
    Finished Day 2 of the Bible Challenge today. Today we had to read Genesis 17-28:1-19. Some of the stories I did remember from back in high school, I took Old Testament in Freshman year. But these stories do get somewhat boring I feel. We discussed that in our group text about the readings. Tomorrow the readings are, Genesis 28:20-22- 40:1-11. And tomorrow night I'm meeting up with the girls from the group just to hang out, have some snacks, wine, and maybe a little Bible study.

    So the dreams have started already about the crush. Yes...those types of dreams lol. Figures. In one way it's weird cause I haven't had those types of dreams since sophomore year of college when I had a crush on this guy named Malik that I was friends with. And now they've started again. Maybe cause I haven't seen him in over a week and I'm use to seeing him every week since Feb. But I am seeing him on Sunday, so maybe that'll help lol.
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